Style is cultivated within, expressed without

-Sharon Rose

Life is meant to be lived with style

Authentic-True-Uniquely You  


the quality of being new, original, or unusual.

What if I told you that this life we live is Novelty. It has never been lived before and will never be lived again. Think about that. You have been given the gift of being alive. You are New. Your are Original.  AND, just like every human, you are Unusual. Your thoughts, ideas, emotions, are all unique to who you are. No one will ever truly understand who you are more than you. 

Can you be curious with me for a moment?  Can you sit in the AWE of what it truly means to be a person having a human experience? Can you expand your mind and begin to contemplate the notion that you were once an idea in someone else mind?   You were a speck of stardust in the cosmos that decided it wanted to be right here, right now, in this life, at this time!?


That is a new thought. That is an original thought. That is an unusual thought. This life is Novelty. 

With this new, original, and unusual thought, there is  endless possibility of creation,  originality, fun, and joy in every moment.We can take the thought of Novelty and use it as our guiding path to learn, grow, design, and BE exactly who we want to be. Re-create and re-design ourselves as many times as we want, whenever we want. 

There is no one way to live this life. Everyday we can choose to be New, Original, and Unusual. 

Who are you today?



the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,  to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

We are all born artists. We are all born with a creative drive and spark inside of us. We are all born to be expressive. We are all born to share our gifts with the world. 

Art has no boundaries. Art has no rules. Art has no authority. Art is an expression of the heart and can be revealed in any way that allows the person expressing to release.

This life that has been gifted is an expression of your internal state of being. Our circumstances we are born into are the broad strokes upon the canvas from which we design and create the rest of our life.  This masterpiece that is our life is shaped by our thoughts, actions, and ideas of self and others. Theses are our artistic mediums. As we experience life, we add new strokes, colors, designs, mediums, pictures, textures, and so much more.

How do we show up as the artist with intention? What needs to happen for you to pick up the brush, the camera, the instrument? What do you need to believe to get in the dance studio, the art studio, or on the stage? 

You are the artist. Your life is the canvas. 

What are you designing and creating?


an opportunity for continued viability

This living, moving, ever changing human existence. There is no right, there is no wrong. There just is. 

We have endless opportunity to make choices that support our evolution into joy, bliss and connection. We have endless opportunity to make choices that support our revolving back into the same karmic cycles of dullness and suffering. 

It is 100% up to you. and where you send your energy.

By definition, Life is an opportunity to continually  up-level and live in ways that move us toward a happier life. This can be hard to accept or even agree with if you look at life as a struggle. If this sounds like you,  I invite you to ponder this:

Is life a struggle OR are you experiencing struggle in your life? 

If life is a struggle, would not everyone feel that they too are struggling? But if you are experiencing struggle, if something is causing you distress, is there not also opportunity to do something about it?  

It can be hard to say, yes I have a choice when it seemingly looks like there is none. I invite you here to come back and explore the thought of Life as Novelty and the notion that you are the artist and designer of  your life.  You have the power.

Are you living life or is life living you?


look up, lean in

 Journeying back to my truth has had many highs & lows, each one necessary to lead me towards living the life I love. I learned trust and faith in my Higher Self and Purpose by leaning into the Universal energy and cultivating faith. Tap to learn more about my story.


“If we believe in Magic.

we'll live a magical life."

- Tony Robbins


Magic Made

I love what I do. Guiding others to see their true divinity and step into their power. Tune into what my clients are saying and learn about the experience first hand.


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