This woman is a gift and our sessions have illuminated my life at a level I’d never dreamed.
— Liz H.

-Magic made-


Working with Sharon changed the direction of my life! I first met her at Coffee & Coaching, a monthly coaching group session she held for women. I was going through a period of immense uncertainty in my life and a lack of clarity on what I wanted, and I'll never forget the first coaching session I had with Sharon that day. She was able to help me connect to my intuition and pull out answers from deep inside me about my bigger vision for my life and what I was truly craving on a spiritual and emotional level. Less than six months later, almost all of those things became my reality. Sharon and I also worked together 1:1 and she helped me dig even deeper into my values, what I wanted to create in my life, and instill a sense of confidence and inner peace within me that I wouldn't have been able to access if it hadn't been for her guidance. Sharon has incredible talent both in leading groups of women in circle through her Coffee & Coaching sessions and other community spaces and in a one-on-one capacity. I would recommend working with her if you're looking for clarity, direction, or to be reconnected to your intuition/spirituality. She is truly a goddess and a one-of-a-kind mentor and teacher, and I'm so thankful for my past experience working with her!

— Lauren M.

Sharon is deeply gifted in holding space, empathizing, allowing, and seeing her client. This space has proven time and again to be exactly what I've needed to uncover my own truth. She gently yet firmly guides this discovery through salient questions, intuition, and the invitation of silence.

Sharon's own spiritual work informs her practice beautifully; she is present, grounded, grounding, inspiring, relate-able, and professional. I am eternally grateful to her for doing the work she was born to do with grace, ease, and passion.

This woman is a gift and our sessions have illuminated my life at a level I'd never dreamed.

— Liz H.

I've had sessions with Sharon and though we're very different women, she makes it easier to bridge a gap and build a relationship that encourages trust, faith in the unfathomable, and the courage to get over my own BS.

— D.D.

I usually don’t have difficulty expressing myself in words. And yet, there are no words for this experience. The Goddess offered me an opportunity to do a bit of work with Sharon around relationships and I said yes. Sharon showed up and held the space. I felt resistance and anger and Sharon made that a safe, judgment-free experience. She was the exact right person for me to connect with around this bit of work. The session felt very much spirit-guided and was exactly what it needed to be and I’m so much closer to healing my relationships. I feel like I’m not sufficiently conveying Sharon’s amazingness; to be honest, though, I was so much in my own experience that I wasn’t really paying attention to her coaching skills.  And I guess that really is the highest praise.

— Dana G.

Sharon is a loving light along this journey of life. Sharon holds safe loving space allowing for deeper exploration and healing of the self. Her supportive and deep sessions helped to guide me back to living through creative expression and honoring myself while releasing shame and guilt from post-postpartum and major loss in my life.

— Ashley A. 

I had my first life coaching session with Ms. Rose and she was fantastic! We got to the bottom of my manifesting/abundance issues. I had many Ah Ha! moments during my session. She holds space in a way that's assertive to get to the bottom of an issue but comfortable enough to face it. She's also trustworthy, I know that anything said during the session, stays in the session. She's confident as she should be, because she's great at what she does.

— Mariah L.

I had my first life coaching session with her and it was so amazing it made me want to become a life coach myself! ♡

— McKenna G.

As a Wholeness Coach I am a firm believer that we need support in our personal journey, too! With Sharon's guidance I was able to work through some patterns that were blocking me from being the best version of myself. She has the ability to connect with you on a soul level so that you are able to tap into your own wisdom. Connect with her and find out what it means to create the life you want!

— Jennifer E